The installation points


In addition to the land rental agreement, arrangements have been made regarding access. These arrangements have been described in an access protocol. This access protocol regulates such matters as the conditions that a landowner lays down for entering his land as far as our installation point.

If no arrangements have been made in your case regarding access, or if the circumstances have changed, then please contact out landlord management department by e-mail at or by phone at +31-(0)347-358937.


Irrespective of whether a particular installation point is either owned or managed by NOVEC, NOVEC will have it maintained and inspected once a year by external parties. The installation point will be checked for wear-and-tear, landscape maintenance, safety/security, theft and vandalism.

During the year, an unusual and/or undesirable situation (incl. theft/vandalism) may occur; if it does then please inform us by phone at +31-(0)347-358937 or by e-mail at so that we can take appropriate action.

Theft and vandalism

Most of the installation points are surrounded by fencing and are padlocked. Unfortunately, the installation point/site may be vandalised and/or materials may be stolen from it. If you encounter an unlocked fence at the installation point or site or if you witness suspicious circumstances then please report this to NOVEC at the above-mentioned phone number or e-mail address and we will take appropriate measures and repair any damage/loss.

Site reference numbers

An operator will have installed some business equipment (equipment box, antennae and dishes) on the ground next to the installation point and in the mast. The whole is known as a ‘site’ and is given a unique reference number. In this way, each operator gives each site his own unique reference number, known as the ‘site reference number’. Since each operator assigns his own site reference number, it may be that different operators assign different site reference numbers to the same NOVEC installation point.

This is why NOVEC always quotes the NOVEC site reference number in its correspondence, communications and invoices. Using our site reference number allows us to find your details quickly in our central database.

Not every landowner knows about the NOVEC site reference number, which is why you can always use any of the various site reference numbers in your communications with NOVEC, even if this number is the operator’s own site reference number. You can usually find the operator’s site reference number at the top of your land purchase agreement. We will then look up the relevant details.