NOVEC can only process an invoice if the invoice complies with the following criteria:

  • Correct name details (= owner of installation point, such as NOVEC B.V., MRNV B.V. or Colonne B.V.)
  • Attn.: The accounting department/Financiële administratie
  • NOVEC’s postal address: Clarissenhof 1d, 4133 AB Vianen, or else send it by e-mail to:
  • Invoice period and year
  • Invoice amount (if applicable, broken down into emoluments/fees)
  • Correct indexation (see; use ‘direct calculation’ method)
  • Site reference number, either from NOVEC or from the agreement
  • Address for the installation point
  • Number of bank account into which monies must be deposited
  • Sender’s name, address and phone number

Sample invoice

By law, the letting out of real estate is exempted from Dutch VAT. This means that no VAT may be charged. Note however that there is one exception to this rule, namely when the contracting parties opt to have the letting out of the real estate in question taxed. In that case, the lease must comply with the conditions laid down by the tax authorities.
In all other cases, invoices that charge VAT will be rejected.

If the incorrect name is stated on the invoice then unfortunately we will be unable to process your invoice.

Invoices may either be submitted by post or by e-mail to and will be paid no later than 30 days after date of receipt.


It is not always easy to carry out indexation correctly, which is why we refer you to the website of Statistics Netherlands (CBS). At the website, you can go to the ‘directe berekening’ (direct calculation) module to fill in the variables for your chosen indexation method.
The land purchase agreement will tell you which price index needs to be used and whether a monthly index or annual average applies.
If you need assistance here then please contact NOVEC’s Landlordbeheer landlord management department by phone at +31-(0)347-358937 or by e-mail at